Mergers and Acquisitions in 2020 increased 93%

M&A 2020

In Q1 2021, global Mergers and Acquisitions in 2020 increased 93%, completed and pending. Unsurprisingly half of them happen in the US or were US-based.

The special purpose acquisition company structure (SPACs) is the clear winner of last year’s M&A boom, followed by very low borrowing costs.

Since the SEC is looking closer into SPAC’s, several have already been delayed. Still a clear market trend.

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Did Google just cancelled the Pandemic?

Google ends the pandemic

In the current Google Youtube video “Get back to what you love” Google deletes words like quarantine, social distancing, also shows a simulation on how cinemas and restaurants changing from closed to reopen again and brings me to the question: did google just end the pandemic?
More and more companies pushing for a chance of going back to the normal again what brings up the question: Does the world needs big corporations to be heard against the current destructive political path? Critical thinking seems to be not allowed anymore and even logical thinking is lost in the ears of too many.
Do we need to vaccinate people who already have antibodies? …could be one of these questions. And if you have antibodies, should you not be free to do whatever you want again? Being a human again versus being an obedient registered citizen.
Godzilla vs. Kong just generated $122 million in box office sales over the weekend and put itself into the biggest global movie debut since the Covid-19 pandemic. Maybe a sign, of enough is enough …and have in mind, Sweden never had a lockdown and much fewer bankruptcies, or mentally disturbed families and children.

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