German Wheat Beer Brewery / Weiss beer, Hefeweizen

German Wheat Beer Brewery / Weiss beer, Hefeweizen

The Weissbier

Our classic refreshing wheat beer.
Famous taste with an fruity aroma and wheat taste. Enjoyment from A to Z.
Alcohol Content: 5.2% vol.

Bottle Wheat Beer / Weizenbier

Prinz Beer
Prinz Beer Weizenbier Bottle Made in Germany

PET Wheat Beer / Weizenbier

Lager Beer

Prinz Bier Wheat Beer PET Made in Germany

Can Wheat Beer / Weizenbier

Wheat beer
Prinz Beer Wheat Beer Can Made in Germany

The German wheat beer („Weizenbier“) or white beer („Weissbier“) is one of the most popular beers in Germany. In recent years, we sold over six million hectolitre of wheat beer in Germany, despite the fact that over 80 per cent of all German wheat beer is, in fact, produced in Bavaria.

Since inception, we have been producing our wheat beer based on the German brewing tradition of mixing at least 50:50 wheat to barley malt to produce this light-coloured, top-fermenting beer. Its taste is very fruity with a large amount of carbon dioxide, which makes it so refreshing and popular.

For our finest beer brands, we use only the best ingredients to give our customers the best taste of our German wheat beer, and we are very proud to have the special German Wheat Beer brewing tradition in every drop of our wheat beer.

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